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Protect your loved ones when they need it most with a policy from Rabine Insurance Group’s trusted partners. 

Term Life

Whole Life

Key Man

Rabine Insurance offers comprehensive, accessible, and reliable life insurance policies for your individual and business needs. 


What Is A Term Life Policy? 

A term life insurance policy is a policy that covers you for a certain period or “term” of your life for a fixed rate during this time. This type of policy keeps your loved ones covered if you die prematurely or suddenly. 


What is A Whole Life Policy? 

A whole life insurance policy will cover you over the course of your entire life. In general, your premium remains fixed, while your plan accumulates a “cash value” – or a payout guaranteed in the event of your death. 


What is Key Man Insurance? 

Key man insurance protects your business when an individual that’s vital to your company passes away. These people are valuable assets that keep your company afloat – typically CEOs, founders, and possibly a few, key employees. This type of insurance can help you pay for expenses until a suitable replacement is found, pay off debt, severance, and avoid bankrupcy.